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Green and Wilds Natural Dog Treats


Natural dog treats from Green and Wilds. A fabulous range of treats to tantalise your dog’s tongue and kind to their bellies! No added fillers, artificial colours, preservatives or other nasties.

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Natural dog treats from Green and Wilds. No fluff, fillers or nasties, just great ingredients!

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Camel Hide Chews, Beef Hearties, Ox Liver Chew, Beef Jerky Chew, Ox Jerky Chew, Ox Liver Deli Bite, Luv Hearts, Lucky Duckies Chew, Yackity Yak Puff Bar, Bag of Tiddlers, Salmon Skin Rolls, Salmon Roll Bakes, Cornish Fish Cakes, Sweet Potato Treats, Buffalo Mini Bites, Venison Deli Sticks, Venison Joint Care Super Snacks, Plaice Fish Sticks